Vespene Geyser

This is Dopefish's page for Nintendo DS Development.

I tend to spend my time developing actual software rather than web sites, so if this page seems a little sparse, it means you've discovered that I'm lazy.

Anyway, here's some things I've worked on:

You may contact me at ndsdev (at) thedopefish (dot) com via email, or find me in #dsdev on via IRC.

Non-DS Related Stuff:

Some other miscellaneous projects not directly related to the Nintendo DS:

  • My DotA Replay Parser, a web based solution for parsing and statistical analysis of Defense of the Ancients, a popular custom map for Warcraft 3.
  • My SNES music player for Linux, PlaySPC.
  • A tool for working with custom music and sound effects in Super Metroid romhacks, DopeTool.
  • pBill v2.0 - port of xbill to the Palm. The original pBill does not work on current ARM-based Palm devices,
    and only supports 4-shade greyscale; this version corrects those issues. License: GPL. Download: pBill.prc