Vespene Geyser

Race Into Space DS

This is a port of Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space for the Nintendo DS.
This is currently a work in progress. Last update: Sep 14, 2007.

Sound and Music do not work properly. The whole thing runs a little on the slow side, but certainly playable. Other parts of the game may have issues (possibly serious issues) as well.

NOTE: This is probably the last update I will make to this project, though I may get bored and come back to it some time later. I ported this game mainly "because I can", rather than because I actually care about it.

To play, you'll need the binary (.NDS file) below, plus the game's data files. You can get them from the project's sourceforge page. Copy the "gamedata" and "images" directories onto your SD/CF card, below a "/race" directory (so you'll have "/race/gamedata"). You don't need to bother with the "audio" and "video" directories, because sound and video aren't supported.

Binary: raceintospace.nds
Source (GPL): raceintospace-source.tar.bz2
SDL Libraries (if you want to build from source): sdl.tar.bz2
SDL Source (LGPL): sdl-source.tar.bz2

Here are some screenshots: