Vespene Geyser


This is a modified verison of Sektor's dualHexen, a port of Hexen to the Nintendo DS. Note that Sektor's version is itself a modification of Rich Whitehouse's hexenDS. Mainly I was frustrated by not being able to strafe, but there aren't enough buttons to go around, so I had to move something to the touchscreen. While I was at it I made a couple other changes, and here we are.

My changes include:
Other things to note that I didn't touch:
To play, you'll need the binary (.NDS file) below, plus the registered version WAD, HEXEN.WAD -- the shareware version apparently will not work. The .NDS can be anywhere on your SD/CF card, and the WAD file should go in /data/hexen/ (it can also go in the root directory of the card, but savegames will go in /data/hexen/).

Binary: dualHexen.nds
Source (License uncertain): dualHexen-source.tar.bz2