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Recipe Bloodstone

Item Details:

Shop: New
Cost: 0

+450 HP
+400 mana
Increases mana regeneration by 200%
Regenerates 6 HP per second
Passive: Redemption
- Restores 450 HP and 400 Mana to nearby friendly units on death
- You gain experience and vision in the area where you died until you revive
- You respawn 20% faster (10% if no charges) and lose 40% less gold (20% less if no charges) on death
- Gain charges by killing heros, lose charges by dying
- Each charge adds additional regeneration of 2 HP and 2 MP per second
Games involving this item: 67   [View Games]
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Recipes to create Recipe Bloodstone:

  Component Num Shop Cost
Recipe Soul Booster 1 Level 2 3300 New in DotA Allstars v6.42.w3x
Recipe Perseverence 1 Level 1 1750
Total Cost: 5050