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Recipe Ring of Basilius

Item Details:

Shop: Level 1
Cost: 0

+6 damage
Passive: Brilliance Aura
- Regenerates 0.65 mana per second to friendly units
- Radius: 900
- Does not stack with Crystal Maiden's Brilliance Aura
Passive: Devotion Aura
- Adds 3 armor to friendly units
- Radius: 900
Active: Toggle Devotion Aura on/off
Can be disassembled into component parts
Games involving this item: 255   [View Games]
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Recipes to create Recipe Ring of Basilius:

  Component Num Shop Cost
Mask of Death 1 Cache 900
Sobi Mask 1 Cache 325
Total Cost: 1225

Recipes that require Recipe Ring of Basilius:

  Recipe Shop Cost
Recipe Vladmir's Offering New 300